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Coronavirus Shines the Spotlight on Financial Literacy

The coronavirus pandemic exposed our society’s biggest weaknesses. Healthcare, supply chains and the way we work were all disrupted in unimaginable ways. Suddenly, people with secure jobs and stable housing found themselves unable to meet their basic needs....

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Covid-19 and Australia: Fighting a “Flagless Enemy”

Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released a ministerial statement this week calling Covid-19 a “flagless enemy.” He is not wrong. The novel disease has infected more than 4.4 million people as of Friday. While Australia has done a better job than most in...

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You Should Think Twice Before Tapping Your Super Early

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving its mark on Australia. With millions out of work and savings quickly drying up, many are tapping into their superannuation early just to make ends meet. Early access is being granted by a new government scheme designed to help...

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