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Marrying the Second Time Around: Some Financial Advice

Marrying for a second – or third – time isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. For people who’ve been through divorce, there’s no better feeling than getting your life back on track. Oftentimes, the cycle is only complete when you decide to marry again. Divorcees...

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The Cost of Keeping Your Kids Happy During School Holidays

School holidays used to be about relaxation – for kids and their parents. But now, parents are looking forward to sending their children off to school again. That’s because the cost of keeping kids entertained during holidays has never been higher. Research from Commonwealth Bank has attempted to quantify the financial impact.

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Have Payslips lost their edge?

From the time I started my first job, my payslip was a sign of achievement. Not only the reward for working each week, but the many possibilities that it would bring in the future. It could mean that you have the funds for a car, or a house deposit or holiday or whatever opportunity you chose to look at.

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Challenges for brand-builders

Building something different and unique in today’s financial advice marketplace is not easy. Readers of this magazine don’t need reminding about the uncertainty caused by legislative changes affecting our firms, the difficult task of getting a whole team of people delivering and pricing a solid advice proposition, attracting great advice clients.

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Dodgy Investment Strategies of the Last 10 Years

There have been several high-profile investment scams in Australia – tree plantations and a variety of property investment ‘opportunities’ spring to mind – but considering only past rip-offs could leave you open to buying into some new, previously untried scam.

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Generational (Spare) Change

The popular Network 10 television show ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation’ featured three different generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y – competing across a variety of games. If the show was still in production today, it would be time to consider adding a fourth team – Generation Z – to the format.

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