The world as it is has been built by the hard labour and wise choices of those who came before us.
The so called ‘lucky country’ is the result of millions of sweat-matted brows over the years, and it’s easy to forget just how fortunate we are. When we choose to give back, it’s worth seeking wise counsel for maximum impact.


Whether it’s funding innovative Australian-based technologies, providing capital to drive social initiatives or creating an institution to tackle that big problem dear to your heart; giving is good. TWD For-Purpose can help you define your Strategic Philanthropic Plan, to help the giving go further.


Providing a source of capital for positive change in the world may seem pretty straightforward on the surface. It’s worth considering the financial, legal and tax implications that may arise from, for example, creating a charitable trust. TWD For-Purpose will guide you through the red tape.


What’s the most effective way to give, and how can you make the charitable gift last? TWD For-Purpose will be able to help you in situations such as setting up a trust for bursary payments to charities, and establish a board to nominate and allocate those funds to deserving causes.


We all give for many different reasons, but it’s never to get back. However, your philanthropic gift whether it be held in your Family Foundation or by your chosen Charity, may be able to create greater (and longer lasting) change through investing a portion of the funds.

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