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“Turning Dreams into Reality delivers a sense of self-achievement and pride. When one can do this for others and in the line of their work, then it is as fulfilling as one can get.”

In the Limelight

I’ve always been a goal-setter. I think that’s why I love hearing people’s stories and then helping them achieve their ambitions. My greatest personal achievement – and one which definitely helped shape and define my life – happened over a decade ago. I call it my Mr Miyagi experience. When I was still a teenager, I dreamt of studying and training with the world’s most-renowned karate instructor in Japan. 10 years later aged 26, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to do just that.


I was accepted into the karate school as the only non-Japanese student to train directly under his instruction. For 4 years, I worked hard at my karate skills. The ‘hard soft’ style of Goju Ryu, if practiced correctly, provides balance and a sense of calmness in your life. The daily training was certainly hard; even brutal at times. The softness came with the philosophical teachings after class when all the sweat was wiped from the floor. It was here that the sensei would pass down stories from those great masters before him. There were many stories, but 2 principles stay with me to this day:


BETTER ONE’S LIFE by continuous improvement



I learned it takes a lifetime to become a master in any chosen discipline. During my time in Japan, I also immersed myself in the country’s culture and values; and as a result learnt valuable life lessons about what it means to show genuine respect, loyalty and empathy. My friends and colleagues often describe me as a perfectionist. That’s not strictly true. I simply strive to be the best I can be – whether it’s in my training, my family time or in my business. And I enjoy the journey along the way in my constant pursuit of excellence.

In my job, I hear many people’s stories. They share with me their personal aspirations and ambitions, their wants and their wishes. And I draw on my Mr Miyagi experience to help them understand the importance of setting goals and then working out ways to achieve them.

Founded in 2009, The Wealth Designers (TWD Australia) has won several awards over the years and then was awarded the industry’s highest award at the 2018 AFA National Adviser Conference. This only serves to show me that what I believe in and what I do each day, is meaning something to others too.

Awards and Recognitions

FS Power50 – Financial Standard 50 Most Influential Advisers
AFA Practice of the Year Award
Telstra Small Business Award WA Winner
Best Practice Australia Winner
FPA Best Practice Award as a CFP Professional Firm
AFA Australian Adviser of the Year
Finalist for FPA Value of Advice Awards
Finalist for FPA Value of Advice Awards

Financial Review – Asset Magazine Innovation Awards Client Management 2008 Finalist
Financial Review – Asset Magazine Innovation Awards Staff Management 2008 Finalist


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