For all the ups and downs we’ve seen in the markets this year, there has never been a better time to be an investor. Whether you are investing millions or just spare change, there is a way for everyone to put their money to work.

The growth of fin-tech platforms has made investing more affordable than ever. In this article, I’m going to show you two quick ways you can start investing with $100 or less.

Micro-investing apps

Micro-investing is one of the easiest ways to convert spare change into real financial assets. Platforms like Raiz let you automatically invest pennies from everyday purchases in a diversified portfolio. Every time you accumulate $5 into your account, Raiz invests it into a mix of ASX-listed funds.

You can also set recurring daily, weekly or monthly investment amounts and lump sums to grow your portfolio even faster.

Raiz has no transaction fees but does charge $1.25 for accounts under $5,000.

Fractional property investments (FPIs) 

If you want to diversify into real estate, FPIs let you enter the market with just a few dollars. FPIs are managed investment schemes that slice up property assets into tiny fractions for you to buy.

For example, fintech company BrickX buys property and breaks it down into 10,000 tiny pieces. Each piece costs between $33 and $154. Investors who purchase these FPIs receive a share of the rent and a portion of the capital gains when the price of the property appreciates. That’s right: You no longer need large down payments to invest in property!

Although micro-investing and FPIs are unlikely to make you rich, they provide a low barrier to entry for cash-strapped or asset-poor investors. After all, what would you rather do with your loose change: Have it disappear under the couch seats or put to work on the Australian Stock Exchange?

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