Happiness is not in the mere possession of wealth. It lies more in the enjoyment of experiences over your lifetime.

– Troy Macmillan

Managing Director of TWD – Judged Australia’s Best Financial Advisory Practice

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Achieving Financial Certainty

Planning is simply a Dream with Strategy.

TWD Australia

2018 AFA Practice of the Year.
The Wealth Designers – Australia’s leading boutique financial advisory group.

TWD For Purpose

TWD For-Purpose can help you define your Strategic Philanthropic Plan, to help the giving go further.

TWD Essentials

Create certainty in your financial situation with services and guidance from our straight-talking, straightforward financial advisers.

TWD Advisory

Harness the spirit of exploration to reach your true goals and a desired life. TWD Advisory is for the ambitious who step boldly forward.

TWD Private

TWD Private ensures that you remain on the best possible financial path whilst protecting your legacy into the future.

TWD Invest

Through our exclusive portfolio development, management and advice, the TWD Investment committee delivers tailored solutions.

We started with ethics and foundation 15 years ago. Now after the royal commission everyone else is scrambling, and we are just coming into our own. It shows the values that we live by has been correct and it is our time.

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Sliding down OECD ladder

The OECD warned about Australia’s mounting debt problem in its latest report. Our debt is now equal to 202% of income, a figure that could rise as credit growth and home values continue to increase.

The global economy isn’t fairing that much better, either. OECD economists downgraded their outlook on global growth to 2.9% and around 3% through 2020-21.

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Marrying the Second Time Around: Some Financial Advice

Marrying for a second – or third – time isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. For people who’ve been through divorce, there’s no better feeling than getting your life back on track. Oftentimes, the cycle is only complete when you decide to marry again. Divorcees...

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AFA National Roadshow 2019

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